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Exclusive Fishing Trip in Dubai

Exclusive Fishing Trip

Slice of Glamour Along the Fishing Trip

Fishing gets a regal shape and a tinge of glamour as you go for a 55 feet luxury yacht to do an exciting fishing trip along the Marina. Fishing is a symbol of luxury and fine taste especially on this ultra modern yacht with fine facilities onboard. The skipper as well as the crew has great knowledge of the sea and you can ensure a day of some real fun and adventure throughout your trip.

Exclusive Fishing Trip Includes
  • • Skipper and Crew sea and fishing tactics
    • Latest Fishing Equipment is available
    • Soft Drinks, Tea Coffee and Fresh Fruits
    • Fully insured Yacht Charter
    • Yacht is equipped with Music system, DVD player
    • Yacht is equipped with Fish Finder and Navigation system
    • 5 star catering at extra cost

  • Price: AED 1600/- Per Hour booknow

The Experience:
You come onboard the beautiful looking cozy yacht from Dubai Marina Yacht club to kick start your fishing adventure. The first sight of the yacht would set the perfect mood. The interior of the yacht is chic and spacious. You can relax on the bedrooms or in the lounge with your favorite drink while the skipper sail her to the fishing destination. After getting enough rest you can come to the upper deck and the sundeck and get a feel of the expansive sea. Its up to you to either take your loved ones to witness your fishing activity or just let them lying on the deck to enjoy their sun bath. When the skipper anchors the yacht in the middle of the sea, it is the time to start your action. The skipper would deliver the fishing rod with the bait at its hook. You can cast the rod and your intuition would always pays off, set your eyes on the water and wait for the lucky hour. One after another, either sherry or hammur would show up and you could reel in the catch onboard in excitement. You could share your fishing tips with the crew and can compete with your companions for catching more and large fishes, the spirit rose up each time you pull your rd, your urge to catch more shoots up and you try more locations and fish till you feel exhausted. Once you finish the fishing fun then comes the gourmet part, the fresh catch would be cleaned and grilled onboard, amazing aroma, the feel good factor to have your own catch add more charm to the cruise. The hunters instincts get a boost and you relish the grilled fish peacefully , it taste heaven, you sip the beverage and chitchat the all days adventure in animated tone and vigor . Once you cruise back to the Marina yacht club, you feel that nothing compares to this day out, you bid adieu and promise a return while appreciating and tipping your crew.


Smart Casual, sun screen and hat is ideal during summer, on winter carry extra blazers

Vital Information About Exclusive Fishing :

Minimum 4 hours but can go upto full day

Days of Operation:

All days of the week


Anytime of the day


Age no bar

Minumim Number:

Available on exclusive basis only. (upto maximum of 22 guests)

Exclusions: Gratuities are optional.

Technical Specifications: Al Shujaat 3, 55 Feet Luxury Yacht, Ambassdor 55

55 Feet Yacht


2 Engines

Cabins: Cabins Cabins 3 Bedrooms- 2 master bedroom, 1 Twin bedrooms, 2 restrooms & one kitchen, big lounge with dining area, front end sun deck, sitting area, Tea, Coffee making facility
Max. guests:

22 Guests + 1 Captain + 1 Crew

Things to Remember:
You must carry your original passport for Deep Sea Fishing
Your trip will be confirmed at the time of booking

As per our policies any part or entire of your exclusive fishing trip can be cancelled due to government decisions, unpleasant weather conditions or force majeure. However clients are offered the closest alternative date or full refund.