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Fishing in Dubai

Fishing in Dubai

Fishing gets more of a passion here

Fishes and more fishes to mark your trip

Dubai is a world class sailfish and game fish destination. Winter months are ideal for fishing in Dubai as you will find fishes in abundance. If you charter boat and go with professionals you can catch barracuda, kingfish, trevally, cobia and hammour (grouper), even the size of the fish is also amazing and impressive. The chances of catching other game fish, such as king mackerel, queen fish, barracuda, cobia and even the odd wahoo are huge.

The fleet of Fishing boats range in different sizes and you could select the boat according to the capacity and convenience. Fishing on a charter boat generally includes skipper, full fishing equipments and refreshments.

From October to the end of April is perfect fishing season in Dubai. Early morning is the best time to go for fishing, though it all depends on the location and your fishing skill. Deep Sea Fishing also termed as offshore boat fishing, sport fishing, and big game fishing. Deep sea fishing is adventurous and more exciting than shallow water fishing.

Tip For Fishing in Dubai

Read Nature

If you spot sea birds like gulls hovering over a particular area, that might be a good sign that there are smaller fish on that area which means that the larger fishes are not too far.

Fishermen used to apply this tips while going for their fishing expedition. Observing the elements would give you real clues to have a rewarding fishing experience. Do follow the tips and have an enjoying deep sea fishing with your loved ones in the waters of Dubai.

Fish at Reef

There are many smaller fish that live on the reef, so the large fish go there to eat the small fish, your chances of finding game fish is high over there.

Taking your yacht over to the reef ensures more adventure. You can spot more marine life and can fish at your own pace. Locating reef along the waters prove beneficial during your fishing in Dubai trip.

Expert Skipper

Can always advise and help you catch good number of fishes, relying on the intuition of the skipper complement your efforts.

Get onboard the yacht and pick up your fishing rods, the crew would put the squid to the hook, throw the fishing line to the bottom of water and wait. Once you feel the movement pull the fish aboard the boat. Clean the fish and grill it on the yacht. Relax on the yacht with your favorite drink and savor the aroma of fresh grilled fish and the lovely vista of Dubai. Feel great when you feast on your own catch. Make notes of the weather and the location and keep a log for a more successful fishing trip next time.

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