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Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips In Dubai


Fishing Tips and tricks for the trendy angler

The natural elements, sun, moon, waves and climate can influence your fishing activity. The best time for deep sea fishing is before sunrise or after sunset. Full moon nights are also a very good time to go for deep sea fishing.

Some more time indicators for Fishing
Fishing would be easier one hour before and one hour after high tides, and one hour before and one hour after low tides. When the breeze is coming from a west side there are more chances of finding fishes on that area, when the water is still or rippled, rather than during a wind too increases chances.

  1. Check the quality of bait, better the quality of bait more chances of catching fish.
  2. Fresh bait attracts more fish
  3. If you plan to release the fish to the water, handle it with care
  4. Find the right location, the skipper knowledge comes handy
  5. Sounders and GPS would be useful, but observing the nature too is always a trick
  6. Less noise and talk on the Radio
  7. Troll over the reefs
  8. Patience. Finally patience pays off.
We usually use squid as the bait, it is indeed a good lure, still you could utilize your knowledge on the bait and bring frozen bait or can try the fresh fish as a bait to catch game fishes on the waters of Dubai.
Have a rewarding Fishing experience in Dubai.